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Our passion for travel is strong, and we love helping people share the same passion. We are now accepting applications for people to join the Northstar Travel Company and run their own business with the help and support from the pros at Northstar Travel Company.

Starting your own travel business can be complicated, expensive, and difficult to get going.  We have recently started to put together a program to help get aspiring or experienced agents up and running their own business in no time as an independent contractor that gets to own their business!

We have a ton of experience traveling and running businesses, so we can offer you first-hand experience to mentor and help you get started selling travel in no time. We are here to answer questions, help answer questions, and give guidance when needed. Learn more about us!

This industry is extremely rewarding as you have the opportunity to create people’s dream vacations and memories that will last a lifetime all while you make money through commissions from suppliers. The travel industry has many perks and benefits. What are you waiting for?



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Expereinced Professionals

We have a HUGE background in running business and leading teams of hundreds of talented people. We have extensively traveled over the world, and can use this experience to provide support to you.

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We are part of a larger host agency and an even larger consortia. This means not only can we support you, we have great conferences and seminars that you can take advantage of to further your development.

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Modern experience

We believe in a more modern experience for agents and clients alike. Your membership with the Northstar Travel Company Network comes with access to a modern CRM (customer relationship manager), and more!

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Save Time & Have Fun

Joining our network saves you the hassle of starting your own business from scratch, dealing with licensing, legal fees, technology, and more and did we mentioned travel agents get great benefits and discounts!

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Haven’t been in the industry before? Experienced travel professional? We can help you get closer to your dreams.

Getting started is quicker than you think, and shouldn’t take too long. Take a look at the options below to learn more!

Call us to learn more at (651) 300-7700