Introducing Northstar Travel Company

by | Sep 24, 2022

I have been hard at work planning the next phase of what I want HK Travel to be to set us up for the future. Rest assured that nothing changes on the back end – I still own and operate the company and am not going anywhere. I wanted to start the next evolution of HK Travel. You may receive this email twice as I am sending it to the people I have interacted with first – then my email database as well to ensure everyone understands that its the same company – just a new name!

 Introducing.. Northstar Travel Company

I am born in raised in Minnesota and have resided here my whole life. I am fortunate to have amazing clients all over the country, with the vast majority of clients from the Minnesota area. I really wanted something that represented our future and pay respects to Minnesota as well.

For those that don’t know, Minnesota’s nickname is the Northstar State. I wanted to find a way to pay respect to the wonderful state of Minnesota, but not in an obvious way that didn’t welcome amazing clients from all over the states. One of my largest principles with my agency is to ensure I guide my clients to have an outstanding time while traveling and on all future travels. My mission is to guide my customers, like the Northstar, every step of the way during the process.

You will also notice the logo has the colors of beach sand and the ocean – one of my favorite things to help clients with! We help book travels all around the world, but specialize in warm weather destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even French Polynesia. 

What changes?

At first.. not much other than the name and some design elements. I still own the company by myself, operate the same, use the same suppliers, and more. The only change you will notice is that there will be a different name on email signatures, invoices, itineraries, and other items like that. 

Why the name change?

To be honest, I’ve been thinking about this step for a little while. I’ve been very fortunate to have my agency growing significantly and have been able to meet some pretty amazing people along the way. I wanted something to really signify the next chapter in my agency’s history. HK Travel was a solid name, but I wanted something that had more meaning and could speak to where I wanted to go. It took a few months to get to this point, but now, the day is here. 

The Future of Northstar Travel Company

I’ve been fortunate to work with many of you to help craft amazing vacations to some pretty amazing destinations. With my agency business ever increasing, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what my plan is going forward. 

Lets start with what is not changing:

  • Me – I’m still here and still 100% own the company
  • The Service – I’ll be here to help every step of the way to ensure your travels are as perfect as possible!
  • Destinations – We will continue to serve people all around the world!

What is changing, then?

  • In the near future, I will be looking to add an assistant to help with some items to allow me to better focus on my clients and their travels.
  • I am working on adding a few additional agents to my brand to help even more clients to explore and travel the world!
  • Our customized tips, advice, and content. I have quite a lot that gets sent out to make your trip smooth – but I am working on building this content out even further to help people make the most out of their vacations.
  • We are constantly evolving our technology. We recently switched to a new company to manage all of our travel details, conversations, reservations, itineraries, and more. They have been very receptive to helping make the platform better for clients.

I just wanted to take a moment today to say thank you for being with me on this journey and I really look forward to working with you on the next chapter of this adventure.  As always, it’s my goal to be your travel advisor for life. If there is anything I can do for you, your friends, or family – please don’t hesitate to reach out or send people my way.

Thanks again – and cheers to the next chapter of Northstar Travel Company!

About Andrew Hallfrisch-Kyllo
Andrew is the Owner and Founder of Northstar Travel Company, LLC and a proud Minneapolis/Saint Paul resident. He started the agency from his huge passion for travel and the desire to help others plan unforgettable vacations.


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